USB Audio CODEC unavailable

System: Lenovo Thinkpad T61
OS: XP Professional Service Pack 2
Audacity: 2.0.3
Keyboard: Korg N264

I am trying to record audio from my Korg N264 keyboard via a USB-Midi cable.

Keyboard switched on and connected via USB port before launching Audacity. Also, I have tried all three of my USB ports.

The only two options available are:

  1. Microsoft Sound Mapper
  2. SoundMax HD Audio

Checked ‘Sounds and Audio Devices’ under WIndows Control Panel. The default device for Midi music playback is listed as ‘USB Audio Device (2)’. ‘USB Audio Device’ is also available. Not sure why there are two options.

Does anyone know why USB Audio CODEC might be unavailable?

I guess it’s possible the keyboard uses a combined MIDI/Audio connection. I’ve never heard of that. I guess it’s also possible the keyboard can switch between them. You don’t generally get both on one cable.

Is it possible you have another USB Audio Device in the system?

The desperation method if your keyboard does not have analog Line-Out, is to get adapters to use the headphone output like I do it. Split between headphone or speaker and the computer Line-In. If your computer is a Windows Laptop, it may not have a stereo Line-In and we generally recommend the UCA-202 as a good audio/USB interface. The laptop Mic-In is generally mono not stereo and very easily overloaded.

I found the instructions. The keyboard is very old (floppy drive) and the USB is only MIDI. No digital sound.


MIDI is not sound - it is control data.
Audacity is an “audio” editor - it works with “sound”.

For more information, see here in the “Frequently Asked Questions”: