Usb audio codec not working

Hi folks
I am trying to sample my analog synth so i can use on another keyboard .
Its plugged into a behringer qx1002fx mixer that can be used as an usb audio interface.
I have used audacity before with this set up on an XP machine.
Now i am using a window10 laptop.
it recognises a USB audio codec but there is no recording sound at all. I believe the problem lies with the laptop. (i can record an unwanted feedback signal from the onboard mic, so i know it kinda works) I have already spent hours and hours with this. I hope someone can suggest a solution. Tia

Make sure the USB/2TR to MAIN MIX button is NOT depressed.

Other than that, make sure you have the channel gain and main mix controls turned up. Are you hearing audio from the MAIN OUT?

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Between XP & W10 a privacy measure was introduced:
you now have to explicitly permit access to a microphone, (that includes USB Audio).

Yes app permission is granted. I checked

Genius. That was the problem. I never noticed the button. This would explain why it worked before and not now.
Thank you so much. I wished i’d asked on here before spending hours, days and weeks on this.

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