-Urgent- -Please Advise- (Sound Card) (Recording)

I have the latest version of Audacity running on an Acer One D255 laptop with windows7. I am experiencing difficulty when trying to record. I have found a way to record ONE TRACK without problem but when I try to add background vocals to that track by recording another the timing is always off. So heres the question.

I’ve decided to purchase an external sound card by Startech.com (7.1 usb audio adapter). If I bought the soundcard and a real microphone do you think that would end all my recording problems??

What do you mean by “always off”? It’s normal that overdubbed tracks are laid down behind playback, and it is not a problem as long as the overdub records at the same speed as the background track. Have you read this Frequently Asked Question ?

A better microphone and an audio card outside the laptop will likely improve quality but will not stop the recording latency,