Urgent Mixdown Problem -- Project Due Today


I’m new to Audacity. I am trying to record an audio CD from a stereo track in Audacity, and I want the SAME THING to come out of the left and right channel or speaker in the finished CD.

I recorded a piano-vocal stereo track on my Marantz stereo hard-drive recorder, using Wave PCM format (44.1 khz, 16 bit) – the vocal and piano microphone inputs were very different, with one almost all on voice and the other on the piano, so the two stereo tracks aren’t at all the same. I then successfully imported the tracks into Audacity and panned them so each was about in the center left to right. I wanted the SAME THING to come from the left and right channels.

I listened through the headphones and the sound matched in both the left and right headphones – it seemed perfect.

Then, I exported the file as a WAV file, and recorded it as an audio CD (using Sonic on my PC laptop).

To my dismay, the two tracks came out completely separated, with the voice blaring from the right channel and the piano from the left.

I can’t figure out how to get them to match, this is due today and I’m feeling like a wreck. I suspect the solution may be easy, but I can’t figure it out.

Thanks SO much to anyone who can help!


On each stereo track, there’s a black down arrow. Under that select “Split Stereo Track”

That should give you 4 mono tracks.

Set all pans to dead center, then select all, and reduce the gain around 3db (one way is to use the amplify command, and set peaks at -6db)

This should let you mix out to a mono wav.