Urgent Equipment to record one mic on two chanels

I got a audio interface behringer um2 uphoria, that allow me to record two channels. I use only one xlr mic (that use phantom power) to record my voice singing. When i use the xlr input of the interface the interface force the mic to go to the left chanel.(or the right i dont know well). The another input of interface is an trs conector. Because of that the volume of my records are low.( In the last paragraph i explain how solve this by software)
How can i conect the same mic on the two interfaces(cheap way please).

Software solution:
Duplicate the original record on the same project to another track with start at the same position of the original.
Add 00h00m00,001s of silence of silence on the start of second track
(if you record on stéreo change left and right chanel).
Mix the two tracks.

Daniel Figueiredo

Setting Audacity to record in mono, rather than “2(Stereo)”, may solve your problem …

https ://manual.audacityteam.org/man/devices_preferences.html

Yes, but what i need to buy if i want to make records in stéreo?

Yes, but what i need to buy if i want to make records in stéreo?

The UM2 is one of the USB interfaces recommended for audiobook and other mono readings. It’s natively mono and makes very nice single tracks that play to both left and right.

We should talk about the goal. Are you performing two different instruments? Are you overdubbing one instrument after the other? Are you trying to digitize your records? The question didn’t tell us quite enough.


If you want a stereo effect, like chorus, or stereo-reverb, make an in-sync duplicate of the track,
then join the tracks into a stereo-pair, (a/k/a dual-mono), then apply the stereo-effect.

See my image: Redirecting...
The situation A is representative of the situation that i have. I that case i just can emulate positioning from software. ( The black dot represents a mic)
The situation that i want is the situation B where i have maybe two mics, and stereo effect without software because i have two mics one for left channel and another to right channel.

Old thread, I know, but you should investigate the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2