URGENT DEADLINE: unable to locate DATA folder... anywhere


I am running the newest version of Audacity. Just updated Mac, too.
I have been working on a project for a podcast, essentially, and while working, I have been consistently saving the project.
Suddenly, the program stopped responding, and I got the little pinwheel mouse. I then had to force quit.
When I reopened Audacity, a crash recovery box came up. I tried to hit “recover files”, but it said the data folder could not be found. When I search for it throughout my entire computer, it doesn’t even show up. The only available file is a .autosave file that cannot be opened without the data file, which I am completely unable to locate.
It may be that I have to re-associate the data file and the aup file, but am unable to locate EITHER. Any and all help is appreciated. Let me know if there is any more information you need.


What name did you give the project and where were you saving it? If you were saving the project all along you should be able to open the most recently saved version. That should be in the File menu, Open Recent.
– Bill

Thanks for the reply. We actually ended up solving the problem.

What was the solution?
– Bill