Urgent-Audacity plays only one of all files with same first name

I recently moved to Mac and am encountering the same issue I’d forgotten I’d had with Windows. I edited a number of audio segments. For easy grouping, I used the same first word in the name, though the rest of the file name is different. When I go back to open files with the same group name as the first word in the title, only the very first file I saved with that group name plays. I can no longer find my original files. Why does this happen and how can I retrieve my individual audio files? I tried changing the names, placing them in individual folders, playing the files in different apps, but nothing has worked. This is crazy. It’s like Audacity has converted all my files to the very first one I saved. I’m going to have to do all the work over again.

Look for your files in the Finder. Where did you save them? How did you save them? Are they WAV, MP3, AIF or AUP3 files?
Maybe post a screen shot of the Finder window where you expect to find the files.
– Bill

The files are all there. The issue is that every single audio file plays only the first audio file saved in the group of audio files saved for that group. I’ve included a screen shot so you can see the naming convention I’ve used for each group of audio files. I hope this helps.
Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 12.57.33 PM.jpg

So, for example, if you attempt to open all the files starting with “DEV_”, either by dragging and dropping into an Audacity project window or by doing File > Import and selecting all those files, only the “first” file listed (or first alphabetically?) opens?

I’ve notice the little green check marks. Are those files in the cloud? If so, try moving them to your local drive.

– Bill

try moving them to your local drive

Your actual local drive. Not External, USB, Lightning, Network or any other variation.

Audacity doesn’t get along with non-local drives. Once Audacity is closed, you can shuffle stuff around however you wish.


Files are on my local drive but are constantly syncing to Google One Drive. Will stop syncing that folder and get back to you. Thanks for your input.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work either.

OK. I think this might have been the issue. Files that were saved while the folder was syncing were converted to the original saved file, so I still have to redo my samples. However when I overwrite the old file with my new file using the same name, it seems to be saving properly. Thanks!!