upsampling to 44,100 Hz?

i went ahead and created a project from spoken audio tapes at 11025 but THEN read that CDs want 44,100…so is there a way to upsample the project so that it will burn CDs?

(it sure would be nice to be able to put a 3-hour interview on one CD…)

Set the “Project Rate” (lower left corner of the main interface) to 44100 before you export. The “Project Rate” determines the sample rate of exported files.

You can put a 3 hour show onto one Data CD as an MP3 or other compressed format. A Data CD is a flat, shiny hard drive. What you can’t do is put 3 hours onto one Audio CD whose limit is 78 minutes (or so). If you’re sure the audience is all going to play the show on a computer, that’s the way to go.

The Audio CD Authoring Program usually “fixes” the sound for you so it conforms to Red Book Audio CD standards, so you may not have to convert the sampling rate.

The sample rate you picked will give you about the sound quality of AM radio and it won’t get better if you upsample it.


thanks for the concise answers…i take it that Audacity has a native sampling rate that can be selected or coarsened for output.
the next conundrums were getting win media player to produce the correct CD formats, but that eventually worked as well…
a nice program!

You can get Windows Media to author and burn Audio CDs for you. It will only make one kind of Audio CD. You don’t have to convert anything. You’re worrying too hard. Chances are excellent the process and formats for Audio CD are far better than anything you’re likely to do yourself unless you perform. And even then it’s hard as all the AudioBook Newbies have found.