Uploading Wave File To Cox Business Auto Assistant


I am trying to upload a couple of wave files to my online Cox Communication Auto Assistant.
Cox will not let me upload becasue they say that my wave file needs to have the following characteristics:

Format: CCITT u-LAW

Attributes: 8.000 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono 7kb/sec

Can someone please tell me how to format my sound file so it exports with these settings?

Thank you!

You should probably install the FFMpeg software package from here…


And when you File > Export your show, choose “Custom FFMpeg Export” and then find your format in the listings.


Oops. Sorry. You don’t need that (although it handy to have). You can File > Export > Other Uncompressed Format and search for uLaw.


I see.

Thanks for the help!