Uploading to a forum

I may have asked this before - if so, I apologise. But I have written a few songs, and wish to upload them to the Yamaha Club forum.
I went through the procedure of setting-up ‘Lame’, but then I was asked to upload to ‘Box’. How do I manage this? I am rather elderly, and probably don’t understand what to younger persons, is something quite simple, can anyone give me a simple method of how to do this, please?
Many tanks for your patience, and understanding,
Ron :mrgreen:

Hi Ron. Yes you did ask before.
Unfortunately we are not able to help you. The Yamaha Club forum has nothing to do with us and we do not know how their forum works or what their rules are regarding uploading songs. You will need to ask them.

Sorry but if you continue to post questions about how to upload to Yamaha after being asked not to, we will have no alternative to ban you permanently. The moderators should not have accepted your post.