Uploading sound recording from Zoom

Probably a really rookie question but hoping someone can help. I downloaded Zoom audio files and I’m trying to upload them to Audacity and it is telling me I need to convert the files to FFmpeg. How do I do that? I really appreciate the help!

I downloaded Zoom audio files

What kind of files are they? Do you have your Windows set to show you file extensions? That’s recommended when you start doing audio production. Those “confusing” file extensions suddenly come in really handy when things don’t go well.

Are they MPEG Audio .M4A files by any chance? Audacity may not open those without a little help.

This is where I tell you how to install the FFMpeg plug-in…and I can’t find it.




All that does is tell Audacity how to deal with more different file types than it does normally.

Post back when you get it running. I’d like to talk to someone who is using the Zoom recording and file system. Questions about this come up a lot.


The Zoom software (as opposed to Zoom portable recorders), uses M4A (Mpeg Audio).
Sample rate is 32 KHz and the bit rate can be between 60 and 128 Kb/s.

They’ve introduced a “Hi-Fi music mode” (192 KB/s ??) but no idea how to set it as never tried and doubt that I ever will try recording music with Zoom.