Uploading my recordings

Hello Everyone I am a newbie to the computer world. I would like to know if anyone could help! I am trying to upload a podcast that I recorded with Audacity to my blogtalkradio.com. It won’t upload for some reason but it say I can use the wav. format. It’s say’s I can only go up to 100 meg. I exported my podcast to my computer but can’t seem to get BTR to upload! in need of help BAD! Thanks :nerd:

I can’t believe they force you to use WAV format. That’s only for very short webcasts – although they will sound terrific. Did you create a real sound file? Audacity will not Save a sound file. To get a real, stand-alone file you have to File > Export. Also, for longer podcasts, you should use MP3 for your posting. Audacity will not create an MP3 without addition software.

Install the lame software.