Uploading mp3 files to LibriVox incomplete and garbled

I am recording for LibriVox using Audacity. First I create a file, then convert it to mp3 before uploading it to LibriVox. Before I upgraded to the 2.0 version of Audacity, I HAD NO PROBLEMS with this, but now, the file is not transferring clean. That is, the recipient tells me there is a garbled section at the beginning of the file that apparently was created in the uploading process. More importantly, I am not receiving ANY confirmation that the upload actually took place. I am supposed to get a url from the LibriVox uploader once the upload is successful. I get nothing. I have worked with LibriVox to find out how to correct this, and nobody knows what is wrong.

As a test, I decided to completely uninstall Audacity and reinstall it. The first time I used it, it worked perfectly. After that, I experienced the same problem.

What can I do to find out what is wrong and correct it?

MJ Franck

Unless you manually reset the Audacity Preferences, reinstalling Audacity does not change anything, so it looks most likely that the problem is with the uploading.
As a test, would you be able to put a file onto disk/USB stick and try uploading from a different computer with a different Internet connection?