uploading from a web site

I tried to load a song from a popular music web site and when I export it to I tunes It will not play says it cant find original,Is this normal?? Sounds like it only works with the original composer as far as music goes. Thanks

My guess is that either the music has DRM protection, or it is not a valid audio file.
What format is the file?

HAHA What format!!! It is on YOU TUBE Im not even going to guess on tech stuff if you no what I mean

You probably got a “stub.” A really short, oddly named file that when selected, sends your computer to an internet location to start a live streaming playback. The movie or song isn’t on your machine and nothing ever actually downloads except that useless stub. Getting around that is the subject of many blog posts.


Thanks I guess I will just di=o some reserch tonight and see if it has DRM or whatever, No biggy just curious

Have a great New Year

BGP - provided that you can set Audacity to record streaming audio (note that not all sound cards/drivers will allow this) the you can just play the music in YouTube and simultaneously record it in Audacity - this way you will get an Audacity project that you can export to WAV or whatever without any DRM.


Thanks for input and I am sure once I get used to this site Ill do fine.