uploading file from sony digital music player

I am trying to move file from Sony Digital Music Player into audacity. I never had this problem before getting new laptop and downloading Audacity again, but now I cannot hear the sound on left channel from digital music player once it’s in Audacity. What do I need to do? I can hear the sound on the digital music player but it disappears once it’s in Audacity. Thanks for any help on this.

How are you connected? USB? S/PDIF? An analog connection to line-in? If you are connected to a microphone input, that input on your laptop could be mono, but a mic input is “wrong” anyway.

from Sony Digital Music Player

I’m assuming thats a hardware player??? ( Or, is it a software application?)

Do you hear stereo from the computer speakers? (You shouldn’t need Audacity just to to hear the sound through the computer.)

Do you see waveforms for both channels?

Do other files play in stereo from Audacity?

Thanks for the responses. The cord is going from line out on Sony Digital Music Player to Dell docking station.

I don’t see wave form for the left channel. It’s frustrating because I never had this problem before I got a new laptop and had to reinstall Audacity.

As I said, I can hear the left channel when I listed on the music player. What I am working on is a program in which I wanted the background sound while I was talking.