Uploading a song to a music forum

Can anyone explain FULLY and in easily understood terminology, how I can upload a song I have written, to a forum? I am not fully conversent with technical terms, and need the process to be very clearly spelt out, especially what keys I need to press on my PC, etc. I have actually managed to get my song onto Audacity, but for some reason, cannot understand about MP3 or how to transfer the music to the forum!


Hello again Ron.

I presume that you are still wanting to upload to the Yamaha forum (as per your post here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/recording-and-uploading-music/34666/1).
Unfortunately we are not able to help you with that as we have no connection with the Yamaha forum and no knowledge of how their forum works. You will need to ask on their forum. Good luck with your endeavour,


Hi Ron,

A suggestion. Is there a relative or someone else who could assist you with saving an MP3 to your computer? Perhaps you need someone there in person to show you what to do, or to do it for you?


The usual practice is to upload a copy of your music to a website which hosts sound-files, ( rather than “transfer” the sound-file to a forum, as most forums are not equipped to do that ).

“SoundCloud” is a good sound-file host and free : it’s like YouTube but only has sound not video ,
then you can post a SoundCloud link to your music , hosted on SoundCloud, in any forum,
e.g. the large blue text immediately below…
Stream Anliz podcast by Yamaha Keyboard Owners | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

The blue text above beginning “https” is called a link , if you click on the link you should see an online sound player. The SoundCloud link posted above redirects people to the website where the music is hosted, the music-file is not stored on the forum, so you don’t upload music to a forum, you upload it to a host like SoundCloud.

There are websites similar to Sound Cloud … http://lifehacker.com/[u]four-soundcloud-alternatives[/u]
but I’ve never used them so can’t comment.

Google’s email , Gmail , offers a free file-sharing service , google-drive, which can be used to share links to music files , ( if you use mp3 format, google-drive offers an online audio player ).