Uploading a song to a forum

I am a keen player aged 82 years! I live out in the ‘wilds’ of Suffolk, with no one to ask for help! Basically (and I really mean BASICALLY), I want a very clear explanation of how to upload songs that I have written to either the Yamaha Keyboard Club website, or to some place that I can use to send my compositions n order that they might enjoy hearing them! I have asked for this help several times, but although many members have tried to explain, I cannot seem to manage to do it! I have been guided to ‘LAME’, and I downloaded that program, but I need to be led (by the hand!) through the actual procedure of playing my song(s) using very basic, clear wording! Things that are easy for experts to understand are quite often puzzling to me. I just want to have a clear explanation of how to do it, accepting that I am not familiar with the process. I am NOT stupid, but inexperienced.

Please, please, help me if you can.

Many, many thanks,

Ron Weir :blush:

This is the Audacity Forum. We have no connection with http://www.yamaha-club.co.uk/ and we will not answer questions about that site because we simply don’t run that site and don’t know how to upload there.

You could perhaps register with Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/explore . That site has reportedly 200 million listeners . You can register, upload your songs and then anyone can listen to them.

Where, in “very basic, clear wording” are you trying to play your songs?

It may be helpful if you would reply to the answers you were given in Saving a song What is the problem? If you press File > Export, can you save a WAV file or an MP3 file to your Desktop? What format do you want to export your song in? MP3 is often best if you want to post it online but SoundCloud lets you upload in many formats. Have a look at SoundCloud - Uploading & Transcoding .

Audacity “Export” only saves a file to your hard drive in the computer. You cannot use Audacity to upload songs to web sites.

Please don’t start another new topic about the same problem. Please press “POSTREPLY” in this topic (or do so in Saving a song if you still are not able to physically click on File > Export… and have a dialogue window open to save the file) .