Uploading 2.1.2. Lost Audio CODEC USB options for devices

We recently upgraded OS to El Capitain and didn’t associated updates in system software. We are not able to use Audacity. We no longer have the options in Devices that allow us to record and monitor recording. We used to have to select Audio CODEC and USB. Now the choices are limited to built-in input and output. I tried to install the latest version and got 2.0.0 or 2.1.0. Right now I’m downloading a zip drive of 2.1.2 and I’m ten and a half hours away from completion. Can you help?
Thank you.
Brenda T

I’m ten and a half hours away from completion.


Connect your USB device first, let it settle down and then start Audacity. Audacity checks for new devices when it starts. You can force a device check with Transport > Rescan…


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In looking for answers to my query about the same matter, I will restate my question: we have been using Ion usb turntable to convert our vinyl to CDs through Audacity for the past six years, maybe more. Works great. Just had to tweak when Audacity came out with updates. Just upgraded to Mac El Capitain and lost the option for usb input; current Audacity only has built-in input/output. Wonder how that happened and if I should contact Ion. Mac, as you know, does not help with non-Apple products. Any thoughts on contacting Ion? Is this an Audacity issue or something else?
Brenda T

Please, ask your question once, in one new topic.

In https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/i-guess-its-best-to-wait-for-2-1-2a-2-questions/41406/9 you appear to say the problem is solved. Connect the turntable before launching Audacity.

If the problem is not solved, then please reply in this topic (press the QUOTE button).


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Not everybody is on FioS. If you’re sharing a WiFi connection or are on the very end of a DSL, you could have very degraded data service.

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