Upload recording from Sony ICD-8300 to split audio into tracks

A novice here and I’m trying to find out how to move recording from my Sony device to audacity to split audio into separate tracks if possible.

B300? I couldn’t find 8300.

It doesn’t have a USB port, right?

You can connect the headphone-out to line-in (blue) on a regular soundcard and re–record with Audacity. (1) If you have a laptop with no line-in you can get a USB audio inputs. The Behringer UCA202 is popular, or there are lots of higher-end audio interfaces… or cheaper ones. Don’t buy a regular little “USB Soundcard” because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out.

(1) (The microphone input on a laptop might “work” but headphone & line outputs are about 100 times stronger than microphone signals and you won’t get the best quality. And if your laptop has a combination microphone/headphone jack you’ll need an adapter with a 4-conductor TRRS plug to make the microphone connection.

Thank you so much. I will pursue the UCA 202 solution you mentioned. BTW, it is B300 instead of 8300. Aging eyes!!

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