upgrading versions?

Hi, been using v2.1.0 after finally upgrading from v1.6. I now have to run both versions to be able to access the older files.

For the new v2.1.1 install however, does it overwrite v2.1.0 and able to use the same plug-ins, preferences, etc. I assume the 2.1.0 files will still be compatible (unlike coming from v1.6)?


We never made 1.6 - I assume you mean 1.2.6 given the comment about project incompatibility.

Yes you can install 2.1.1 over the top of 2.1.0 into the same folder. Projects created in 2.1.0 can be opened and third-party plug-ins you have will not be removed by the Audacity installer. See Audacity Manual.

If you are adding new third-party plugins, you add them in 2.1.1 by installing them then opening Effect > Manage… to enable them, not by restarting Audacity after installing them. See Audacity Manual.