Upgrading from V1.3

I’ve been using Audacity 1.3 for a while but I’d like to upgrade to a newer version. I recently upgraded my Windows OS to 10. I understand the latest version of Audacity doesn’t work with Win10. Is there a way to upgrade to a more recent version of Audacity that does work with Win10? Thanks for the advice. dg

The latest 2.1.2 works fine on my Windows 10 laptop ever since i migrated from W7 back in December. Th only small comromise I had to make was to revert my old Edirol UA-1EX USB soundcard from its Advanced mode to its normal basic mode (and that’s only because it’s obsolete and the manufacturers will not be making W10 drivers for it) - but with the Micrsoft standard USB drivers it works fine in that mode.

In fact all the latest 2.1.3 alphas that I run for QA testing also work fine on the Windows 10 laptop,


I recently upgraded my Windows OS to 10. I understand the latest version of Audacity doesn’t work with Win10.

It generally does work with Win10. (I’m running it on a Win10 system.)

If you have problems, check [u]Windows 10 Audacity Internal PortAudio error or no devices[/u] at the top of the Windows Forum.

Or, if you have an older computer you may have problems finding Windows 10 drivers for your soundcard/soundchip, but if you have the proper drivers it will probably work. If not, you may need a new soundcard that comes with Win10 drivers.

Thanks for the info. Do you know if I can have 1.3 and 2.1.2 on my hard drive simultaneously, just in case?

2.1.3-alpha will work likely work even if some of your sound devices do not have proper Windows 10 drivers. If 1.3 Beta works, 2.1.3-alpha will, and 2.1.2 “might”.

You can have different Audacity versions on the hard drive, though Windows can get confused in its uninstall list if you install both versions (as opposed to installing one version and just extracting the files from the other version).

I would download 2.1.3-alpha and extract the files to another folder (2.1.3-alpha does not have an installer).

If 2.1.3-alpha is OK, just uninstall 1.3 Beta.

If you wanted to tidy things up after that, you could install 2.1.2, and then delete audacity.exe in the 2.1.2 installation folder and put audacity.exe from 2.1.3-alpha in its place in the 2.1.2 installation folder. Both Audacity versions should be quit (exited) before you do that.