Upgraded to Audacity 3.4.2 experience stutters in recording and playback

Been using Audacity for decades. Just upgraded two windows 10 machines (one home, one pro) to 3.4.2 … have stutters on both recording and playback. Same machines worked fine … upgrade … problem started. Short clips, recording stutters happen just seconds into the recording. Then this morning, playing back previously recorded tracks, same problem in playback.

So again … same hardware that’s been working find … upgraded from old version (2 something?) problem started.

I’m still using 2.3.2 … Old Audacity versions download

If you want more than one version of Audacity on the same machine,
unzip a copy into its own folder, rather than install the “.exe” file.
Then launch from the Audacity icon in that folder.

If you install audacity 2 & 3 on the same machine they will corrupt each other.

This comment taken from another post on this forum:
Unfortunately, right now, Audacity doesn’t work too well on modern high-resolution displays. In particular - the wider the window and the more tracks you have in view - the slower it runs.
I have a serious problem with Audacity stutter on playback (23 sec delay before any replay starts). Initially I am/was blaming an issue with Waves VST3 plugins when the Audacity file has multiple tracks (mine has 39 tracks with up to 6 VST3 plugins on many tracks), however after reading this other post I am now suspicious that the problem is being generated by my 4K-34" monitor. A pity and in urgent need of being addressed if it is monitor related. It’s so much easier to edit on wide screen.

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