Upgraded to Audacity 2 but now cant record?

had a good dig around before posting but this is really bugging me now - hope someone can help

Machine is Toshiba laptop running Windows 7

It ran Audacity 1.3 for ages with no problem recording Skype calls, digitizing LPs etc. Stereo Mix worked just fine. Upgraded to Audacity 2 today and now it wont record

Looking at audio devices the Stereo Mix is enabled and selected as before, but appears to be showing no signal (the green bars never appear as they used to when a signal was present)

Checked all the I/O things I can think off, nothing is muted. Defaults are set right too as far as I can tell

cant think of anything else to look at . . . suggestions?

What options are available in the Device Toolbar, and which options are selected? http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Device_Toolbar

errr . . . okay feel a bit of a plonker now

Lost track of the setting changes I made in Win 7. Got fed up and turned off PC. Made cup of tea

Came back and started up PC - and it @**@@@* works?!

steve, to answer your Q, the standard options were showing in Audacity inc Stereo Mix. Everything was (and still is) set so it should work. Only now it does as it should too

I blame Windows! :slight_smile: