Upgraded from 2.3.2 to 3.1.2

We are running IMACS on High Sierra and we recently upgraded from version 2.3.2 to version 3.1.2. Our students save their files on a shared network server drive. Since upgrading we have encountered numerous errors of files being corrupted as well as the application not running properly. A few examples are:

  • certain basic effects such as fade out not showing up in the menu

  • the program no longer allowing basic cut edits to be made

  • After a project is complete and media is exported, the file is corrupted upon attempting to re-open the file

Any help would be appreciated

Before opening a project, move it from the network drive to the drive in the local computer.
After quitting Audacity, the project file may be moved back to the network drive.

Upgraded from 2.3.2 to 3.1.2

I use 2.4.2. You might want to stick with Audacity 2 until the software parents get a few more problems ironed out.

Current 3.1.2 problems can sometimes be helped by dropping back to 3.1.1 or going forward to experimental 3.1.3.

If you use Audacity Projects, Version 3 projects will not open in Audacity 2.


See: https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity-old.html