Upgraded from 1.2.6 to 2.0, Old aup files won't load , Help

Was working on a project using version 1.2.6. (Windows 7). Screen kept freezing. Help section here suggested upgrading to 2.0. Did so from the site here (.exe installer). Now, can’t get the aup file to load properly. Is there something I should be doing? Have searched the help faq, can’t find a mention for this. I get an error window that says:

This file was saved by Audacity version 1.2.6. The format has changed. Audacity can try to open and save this file, but saving it in this version will then prevent a 1.2 or earlier version from opening it. Audacity might corrupt the file in opening it, so you should back it up first. Open this file now? Yes or No

Have backed up copies of the 1.2.6 aup and data files in another folder. Then when trying to load the file again, a couple of things happen. The screen freezes, turns whitish, says Audacity (not responding), then another error message appears:

_Warning - Orphan Block Files - Project check of "(project name)data" folder found (number) orphan block files. These files are unused by this project, but might belong to other projects. They are doing no harm and are small. Please select an action:
*continue without deleting; ignore the extra files this session
*close project immediately with no further changes
*delete orphan files (permanent immediately) Show log for details and OK

Choosing the first option, a couple of things happen. Either the screen turns whitish again (not responding) AND/OR the file then loads and plays.

My question is this. Is this going to happen with all my old files? Should they be converted to be read by 2.0 first before trying to open? Also, need explanation regarding the orphan files. What are they? Are they important? What action should I take?

I have been an Audacity user for many years and greatly appreciate the program. The features of the newer 2.0 version look wonderful, am looking forward to exploring the improvements. Thank you in advance for any help that can be offered.

That isn’t an error, but a suggestion that because the project format is now different, you make a backup copy of the project’s .aup file and _data folder to a new folder before opening the project in this version of Audacity.

This was happening in 1.2 also, which suggests the project was already corrupted or sufficiently fragmented that it stresses the computer.

Please see these sections of the 2.0.0 Release Notes for more advice:
http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Release_Notes_2.0.0#Problems_reopening.2C_saving_or_crashing_in_projects .

“Orphan files” are audio data files that are present in the _data folder of the project but not listed in the .aup file. So, they “should” be unused and superfluous, but it is safest not to delete them as there are a few rare cases where they may be indicative of a project problem or data loss. For example, the orphan files could possibly belong to another project. Generally though, you won’t have issues opening 1.2 projects in 2.0.0.

In your current case, there could be orphan files purely because you had to force quit the project in 1.2 without saving the changes. As you can see from the first of the above links, it is also possible that a 1.2 project will have “overlong” block files which 2.0 will make “orphan” (so silent) but will not delete them. You can check Help > Show Log… to see details of the orphan files. If Audacity has orphaned “overlong” block files, the log will show messages like this:

03:43:42: Warning: Gap detected in project file.
   Start (2067561) for block file "e000024b.au" is more than one sample past
end of previous block (1805417).
   Moving start back so blocks are contiguous.
03:43:42: Warning: Gap detected in project file. Correcting sequence sample
count from 2498104 to 2067561.

If you are patient through the white screen and the project then plays in 2.0.0 without any error messages or silenced audio, I would suggest exporting a WAV from that project. Import the WAV into a new project and play it through again. If it is OK, save it as a new project and delete the old project.

If the old project gives errors or has silent audio, please attach the log (Help > Show Log… then Log > Save…) and also attach the .aup file. To attach, use “Upload attachment” underneath where you post messages.


Hello Gale,

Thank you so much for this advice. Greatly appreciated, as are the links to additional articles, have been reading extensively, finding explanations and solutions for a few other issues as well. Will get back to you soon with my observations.

Thanks again,