upgrade questions

Sorry for posting such simple question but :wink: when I search the forum for “keyboard” :wink: I get the musical instrument!

I just upgraded to 2.1.2 and I noticed that my keyboard definitions have reverted to defaults. Is there a way to restore them from the previous version of Audacity?

Also, I just noticed that my Izotope Ozone plugin is missing. When I went to “enable plugin scanning”, that option isn’t there anymore? Is Audacity scanning for new plugins each time now? If so, how can I get this one back in the list?

Thanks much … this is still the best software ever … and it’s free! I’ve tried many of the paid DAWs and this one is by far the most agile and intuitive!

If you chose “Reset preferences” in the installer then this is expected.

Otherwise, if you exported the shortcuts previously, you could import them using Keyboard Preferences.

If the missing shortcuts are for items in cascading menus, they won’t be seen in 2.1.2 due to a bug. You could recreate the bindings by looking at the [NewKeys] section in the audacity.cfg settings file, assuming you had not reset Preferences.

Audacity 2.1.2 no longer has a setting to scan on restart. Use Effect > Add / Remove Plug-ins… to enable plugins you want, then they will load without restarting Audacity.


Yeah, it was pretty simply to re-add the keyboard definitions and your instructions for re-adding my effects worked perfectly.

Is there a way to change the cursor when selecting audio to always be a vertical bar? That finger pointing does not feel as accurate.

Also, is there a nice “read-me” giving me an overview as to the differences w.r.t. this upgrade?

You can’t change the pointer icons unless you modify Audacity and recompile it.

Each release has an accompanying Release Note.


Did the pointer thing change then? I don’t see mention of that in the release notes. In the past, the vertical bar was always the cursor but now, I have a finger pointer.

You get the finger pointer when you hover over the editing cursor or over a selection edge.

If you click and drag where there is no cursor or selection yet, you get the I-Beam pointer until you release the mouse.

I don’t think this has changed in years.