Upgrade from 3.2.3 to 3.2.5 on Win10 _ RECORD button with "What U Hear" error

As the title says I upgraded Audacity from 3.2.3 to 3.2.5 and I’m on Win10 / 19045.2788. Everything was working fine until I did the update. My 'puter does NOT HAVE a microphone connected. Everything I record is using the “What U Hear” function of my SoundBlaster Audigy 5/RX card as the default Recording INPUT. I select the source I want to record in my browser, I click on RECORD button in Audacity and then play the sound.

After installing the 3.2.5 upgrade for Audacity when I click on the RECORD button I instantly get: “Error code: -9999 Unanticipated host error”. In my “Audio Setup” in Audacity my “Recording Device” is still set to: “What U Hear (Sound Blaster)”.

Suggestions? (I ran the Debug Report utility and created the ZIP file but don’t know how to attach it).

You can reinstall 3.2.3 from here: Old Audacity versions download, but honestly I don’t think it will change anything.

See also: Error codes - Audacity Support

Sometimes other programs can effect the audio systems in your computer. A good old-fashioned reboot can usually fix this.

Have you tried Host:WASAPI loopback recording ?

That was the first thing I did, downgrade and reinstall 3.2.3… It didn’t make any difference. Since the “What U Hear” function isn’t a physical object, I don’t see anyway to give it elevated privileges.

I tried the suggestion of: “Turning off Overdub via Transport → Transport Options may fix this.” But that didn’t make any difference either. Since it was working before the upgrade, and downgrading it doesn’t fix it, I’m wondering if I’m dealing with a Windows 10 permissions problem?

Again, I created the debug-report .ZIP file but don’t understand yet how to upload it. I am usuall pretty savvy at sussing out problems, but this one has me stumped… Any help is appreciated.

Did you try the reboot ?

Have you tried Host:WASAPI loopback recording ?

Updating Windows doesn’t usually require this but you can check: App permissions - Microsoft Support.

Also with a Windows update there can be driver issues. Several years ago I had to reload older drivers to regain lost functionality. Right-click on the Speaker Icon the Windows System Tray, and select “Sounds”, then the “Recording” tab. See if your device is listed. It may also appear as Stereo Mix. Right-click in the white space inside the big box and select Show Disconnected and Disabled Devices.

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