Upgrade from 2.3.3 to 2.4.2 showing wrong sample digits

Hi folks,

I’ve upgraded Audacity from version 2.3.3 to 2.4.2 but now the sample digits are not showing their correct values. In the samples field, only the first 3 digits can be seen, and nothing else, regardless the length I select. As you can see in for example in picture 1, the start point at 2,496 seconds is displayed as “080000000” samples, and the selection length of 0,85 seconds is hown as “528000000” Samples, whereas in picture 2 the length of 0,28 seconds is shown as “808000000” Samples.

I’ve searched the Audacity forums about problems with the sample digits, but no success. Display in seconds seem to work properly, but as I always use sample accurate cutting, I have no clue at the moment how to go on.

Regards Paul

How strange. The problem only appears to occur when the language is set to German. I shall log this bug.

As a work around you could select “hh:mm:ss + samples” as the time format.

Interestingly I see the same bug in Audacity 2.3.3.

and in Audacity 2.3.2, though in that version I’m also seeing additional weird selection values that don’t occur in 2.4.2.

This issue is now logged on the Audacity bug tracker.
I’m surprised that no-one has reported this bug 'till now :open_mouth:

On W10 it does occur in 2.4.2 and latest alpha 3.0.0

But not in 2.4.1 or earlier (I started testing back at 2.3.0)

This is the bug thread:


@eisblau - this has been fixed for the upcoming 3.0.0 release of Audacity.

I have just tested a fix that one of the developers made last night and I confirm that it works OK auf Deutsch now with Samples in the Selection Toolbar and the Timer toolbar.

I cannot update our Bugzilla bug-tracker right now as it is undergoing essential maintenance.

Many thanks for bringing this to our attention - very much appreciated :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Vielen Dank