Updating to 2.0.3 -- need to keep plugins

How can I keep my hard-earned, long-sought plugins and EQ XML codes when updating to the new version from 2.0.2?

I believe that Plug-ins “should” not be affected, but to be safe, copy the entire plug-ins folder (from inside the Audacity folder, which is normally in “Program Files” on Windows). Put the copy somewhere safe.

This xml Eq files iare located in the same folder as your Preferences configuration file, which is:
Windows 2000/XP: Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacity
Windows Vista/7: UsersAppDataRoamingAudacity
Make a back-up copy of the XML files.

The Audacity installer will overwrite plug-ins in the Audacity “Plug-Ins” folder that have the same names as the plug-ins it’s installing, without prompting. It will leave all other plug-ins in that folder untouched.

All the EQ curves are read externally rather than being built-in so as far as I can see, the new installation of Audacity will not harm your EQ xml files. Even if you had modified and overwritten the shipped curves such as “AM Radio”, newly installed Audacity would still use those modified curves as read from EQCurves.xml.

Backups of your curves are always a good idea but Audacity does already make a backup (EQBackup.xml) of the previous EQCurves.xml whenever you add, delete or modify saved curves.

Audacity does not backup any curves you exported using Save/Manage Curves.