Updates OVER current installation or after uninstall ?

Generally spoken, I regret the sad situation, whereby most software providers don’t give any information on their download pages. Most download pages don’t even mention any Md5 hash to verify wether the file was downloaded correctly and is not corrupted.

But worse :
Most authors don’t show a short instruction wether it is OK or NOT OK to lauch their installer file (setup.exe or whatever) directly in the same directory OVER the currently installed version. Wether one has to un-install or not an existing version, before to proceed to an update (in other words a new build of the same version) remains a mystery.

For each software I have to make a short personal note for my later updates!!!
So I don’t have to look around again (and over again) into all sorts of “Tips” or “Manuals” or “Documentations” or a forum like this one how to update correctly, without loosing current settings.

Some softwares proceed to installation rightaway, no questions asked and even without asking permission.

As for Audacity download page : Ik now it is not polite to look into mouth of a given horse !
It is all right to mention system requirements but not enough.
I strongly suggest that at least a link would be created on the page " How to Update"[/u] to a more elaborate text explaining how to proceed before actually launching any update installer.

I have downloaded the latest installer for version 2.0.3. for Windows.
After a (very) short time, I gave up searching for update instructions to update from version 2.0.0.

What is the correct answer ? Un-install first, and lauch the latest downloaded installer ?
Or keeeping the already installed version and install OVER it in the very same directory ?

THANK YOU for all your efforts. I recommend Audacity to everybody.
The only thing I would like to improve is the user interface to be more “intuitive” (user friendly)
One needs some learning time, before getting aquainted with the many but well documented features.

If un-install is made, how do we keep our add-ons and personal settings ?

No need to uninstall when replacing an earlier 2.0.x with a later 2.0.x.

This is answered in the Release Notes and this Frequently Asked Question .

Noted about the hash, but we don’t have the resources to do this at the moment.


I’d forgotten that an SHA-1 checksum can be found by visiting Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. and left-clicking the required download link. SHA-1 is regarded as potentially defeatable so an SHA-2 checksum such as SHA-512 would have greater security. So it’s still a question of resources to do this properly.


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Answering the only new question you ask:

This is answered in the next FAQ down the page Audacity Manual

Uninstallation leaves your Audacity settings intact, in case you want to install Audacity again at some time in the future.

This also applies to plug-ins and any other non-shipped files which you added into the Audacity installation folder - the uninstaller does not remove them.