[UPDATED] Hammerfall HSP 9632 and Audacity


I am trying to get a Hammerfall HSP 9632 card to work on a PPC Mac, and have been sucessfull, except for the fact that I cannot make any recordings from it :slight_smile:. The System preferences show a level change when I produce noise, so I know that the card and everything on the chain before the card is working correctly, but now I can’t get Audacity to record from it.

When starting to record, Audacity tells me:
“Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate.”

So, I now need to find a way to get the Hammerfall settings I used

to agree with ones I used for Audacity:

Any ideas as to what could be wrong?



Ok, I got some progress, but not all the way. It seems that the output of the card was set to mono, so chaning that made Audacity not complain. However, the recorded track is always empty:

even though the card is obviously getting a signal:

I had this problem on a Windows PC before using Audition, and that time I noticed that the card was not actually sending a mono signal but a stereo one, and the program then picked up the wrong channel. So the question now I guess is: how do I change which signal is picked up by Audacity???

Thankful for all the help I could get.