UPDATED Audio video synch mysteries

Turns out problem is trusting FFmpeg to create an AC3 file.

Redid noise reduction
Change speed
00:31:27 + 14 PAL frames to
00:30:10 + 7 PAL frames

export AIFF

much nicer synch audio w video

I am not sure what the point of export AC3 is
it sure wasted a ton of my time. : (

Audacity 2.0.3 10.10.5

Back to the same problem
taking a second stab.

BBC Richard III broadcast TV
video taped with VHS analog recorder
“dubbed” to DVD with a LG combo VHS /DVD digital recorder
and. of course, audio and video are out of sync.
(last time it was Playboy of the Western World,
solution then was I found it streamed on Broadway HD for $$)

I just tried Audacity Tempo -4.96% change
no help
I tried Tempo seconds of audio to seconds of video
no help.
I think I even tried Tempo with +4.096%
i think.

Maybe It would help if I understood where the problem lies.
but I don’t.

I guess its PAL to NTSC but how and why is a mystery
or at least not able to re synch them.

Added step, the LG player adds motor noise to audio
which I remove with Audacity before trying synch.

any suggestions?

Last steps using Wondershare Filmora to split von
detach audo
and replace audio.
Its displays are in PAL but that should not be a problem.
Other efforts not involving any PAL connection work just fine.

About a frame per minute? Pretty much everybody can see the sync errors about five minutes in?

That’s roughly the error you get when you assume NTSC runs at 30 instead of its real oddball-wacky framerate.

If that’s it, you should be able to apply a correction of 1000/1001 to either one and they should slide right in.

I can’t tell you which is ahead because the conversions make my head hurt. If sync fails and gets worse, try the other direction.

You can’t really make a video DVD from a VHS tape. Tape shudder, split, velocity and timing errors are terrific, so the video has to go through a stabilizer somewhere to turn it back into broadcast video. Where is the PAL > NTSC conversion?


Here is where I got my first dope


will try your slight change and let you know if this is the answer.

Don’t know answer to conversion question.
Am sure the original Richard III was PAL.
“Understand” that PBS had to convert video to NTSC to broadcast in US
but they could somehow do the audio on the fly.
So I think I have NTSC video and PAL audio.
But if that were true should be easy to fix, no?

Audacity puzzle , if Tempo speeds up why doesn’t the file shorten?

Tried 0.000999
and -0.000999
neither worked
did I get my number right?
1000 / 1001

I think the LG combo machine just digitizes what is on the screen
and gets audio from ???

Do you think I could avoid the synch problem
by recording the sound from the VHS separately?
Not exactly sure how to do it.

Following last failed procedure
I have located a bit of silence
broken by sound
on the Audacity audio file it is 0h 23m 19s 128ms
on the video in Filmora it is 0h 22m 19s 240ms

What should the Tempo value be?

Believe me I have tried.

Try the “Change Speed” effect
The “Current length” should show 0h 23m 19s 128ms
The “New Length” control needs to be set to the required length (0h 22m 19s 240ms)

Thanks for the suggestion.

I think I tried this already
will try again.

That is not the end of the file
and if I remember correctly
it will chop off the file at 22 minutes
cutting the last 38 minutes.

I believe my first try was on whole file
but it did not synch audio w video.

Effect > Change Speed can be very plain.

Select the sound track. Effect > Change Speed. Type in the existing length. Type in how long you want it. > OK.

Export the repaired track and see how well it matches.
Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 11.17.52.png
The other two change tools, Pitch and Tempo, try to rip the track apart and put it back together without changing anything else. They can create their own damage.

Change speed reduced everything at the same time. Generally, if you have a track mismatch problem through sample rate errors or playback speed, this is the one most likely to be helpful.

Next time you respond, it’s useful to describe what happened. “It didn’t work” isn’t the most useful. Instead say: “It’s better, but not enough,” or “it got worse.” Give us something to work with.


Of course, my change speed does not have that option.
Is that a new feature.

so upgrade to 2.2.2
but unable to load find after load LAME library
sourceforge is down?
will try later
no progress

other attempts were not even close
but will focus on one spot in future endeavors
if I ever get library loaded

must have loaded 5 libraries
before I “found” the right one

all set up with new Audacity Change speed
but enough fun for today

Now you know why critical separate-sound video productions occasionally put clapboards at the front and the back of a shoot.
Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 20.38.24.png
“CAMERA MARK” [bang]
“TAIL MARKER!” (holding board upside down)[bang]

The video people are looking for the picture of the zebra stripes closing and the sound people are listening for the noise.


Seems to be on right track (when have I heard that before)

new Change Speed much improved

automatically detects end of file check
shows length in multiple formats check
shows length in h:mm:ss + PAL frames check

eyeball on Filmora target
00:22:19 06
starting position of audio
00:23:19 04

took 5 tries to get to
00:22:19 03

3 frames difference

Tried in filmora
closer but still needs work

Will find a better mouth movement
that can pin down closer in Filmora
get audio to match to the PAL frame

Will let you know.

Thanks for getting me this far.

Nobody wrote anywhere that the error has to be constant over the course of the show. All these corrections are based on everything working normally and according to spec. You know you’re in trouble when the two ends match…but not the middle. That’s a maintenance or new equipment purchase problem.


End of round 2

One of us won by TKO
not sure if it is me or the movie.
Audacity seemed to work as advertised, at least the latest version. 2.0.2 was little / no help.

Using Filmora identified scene
00:17:34 +16 PAL frames back of head
00:17:34 + 17 PAL frames men facing speaking
That was my target

VOB_denoise into Audacity was 00:31:27 +14 PAL

(fog of war aside: just checked the VOB opened in Audacity just now was 00:30:10 + 7 PAL
not sure why the difference but was 2.0.2 vs 2.2.2)

Working with 00:31:27 + 14 PAL length
Took 10 tries to get “men facing speaking”
down to 00:17:34 +17 matching my video mark

00:30:08 +7 PAL frames was just a bit short
00:30:08 + 6 PAL frames was just a bit too long

settled on 00:30:08 +7 PAL frames as giving the best match


took a lot of work for a queasy result
I don’t think I ever watched peoples mouths so much
the film, at least my copy, was dark and mostly shot from a distance
I guess its just queasy because I “know” it is not “exact”.
AND this is VOB 1 of 1 DVD, a 1 gig VOB2, and much shorter VOB 3 await
NOT to mention converting the last 2 hours of the film (1 more DVD).

I might go back to Playboy of the Western World because I like it so much
but I think Richard III and Twelfth Night will have to wait.

Thanks for the attention and help.

Plan to drop a donation in the basket when the plate comes round.

I don’t think I ever watched peoples mouths so much

That’s the curse, isn’t it? I can’t watch bad editing on YouTube. It makes my teeth hurt.