Updated Audacity, now I can't record anymore


I’m using Audacity v 3.1.3. on Unbuntu 22.04LTS, recently I updated Audacity but I have trouble with the Audio Setup Toolbar. I use a USB headset with the previous version of Audacity. I only needed to plug the headset and the input and output would be automatically changed. With this version, I need to constantly manually shift the output settings. Either speaker or headset.

Furthermore, right now I can’t seem to record at all, I do not see Audio USB Device - (hdw 0.1) which I can see in the output list. I used the recording setting on this newer version a few weeks ago. I checked with Skype and my headset is able to record audio, at this exact moment, so no other settings can be at fault.

Does anybody know how to solve this?

Windows guy here.

This functionality has not changed within Audacity. Whenever you plug or unplug a USB audio device you need to do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices; then redo your Audio Setup.

With some audio protocols, the OS may offer a “default” audio device. If you are using that, then the OS may track this device change for you. Audacity is not involved in this tracking.

Yes, that is correct, I did a rescanning of my audio devices and tried to click on the output list. But it opens and shuts immediately. I have seen this type of thing before on Ubuntu. But normally it only haves 11x in a row. But right now it is consistent with this output list.

I’m done with this version, how can I go back to my old version, is there somewhere a list with many older versions, which I can access to download them?

I rebooted Audacity and the output list let it show itself, but when I rescan it behaves the same as before.

Awesome, thank you very much!

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