Updated Audacity has stopped working?


My apologies if this post has been done twice but I cant see my previous post.

I have just upgraded Audacity to 2.2.1 and I am running windows 10.0.16299.

I upgrade my Audacity to the latest version and now it doesn’t work? I have been trying to record but the mic levels etc no longer move across, the record button will bring up a new record track but can’t record, I have right clicked the mic icon to start monitoring -nothing. I can’t click the playback levels or the record levels nothing happens - basically, nothing is working.

I am using a rode usb

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, closed down other open prgrams as it will sometime give me the blue circle…

A bit lost and desperate for help…

I deleted your other post. There should be a way to tell your first post “stuck.” Your posts will keep waiting for Elf Acceptance until the system is sure you’re not a bot or trying to sell us anything.

Did you just update to Windows 10? Are you on a laptop? Can you record from the built-in microphone?

The Windows 10 timing is important. You can’t bring sound drivers and support software forward from an earlier version of Windows. Windows 10 takes drivers specifically rated for Windows 10, and it should say so.

Just so we’re covered, you plugged in the Rode, let Windows chew on it and then launched Audacity?

Do you have any other sound program on the machine? Games? Chat? Skype?


Hi Koz

Thanks for your reply and deleting my first post.

Saw when I posted my second post that I was to wait for approval.

It wasn’t working in any of the other programs either! Changed usb’s and it now works… god have wasted hours on getting it sorted, didn’t think it would be that as the usb port it is now was always my dodgy one… you live and learn

Anyways done now

Thanks again