Update to 3.0.2 Deleted all my recordings

So I was trying to import some AAC files (with lameo) and was struggling with that, so I thought maybe a software update will help.
Up to now I used 2.0.3. I downloaded 3.0.2 intsalled and instead of installing in default location I changed the “Audacity” folder to “Audacity3”.
I did that because I didnt want it to mess up with my current version (which didnt work that well as you can understand).
All my AUP files and folders were in in …/user/Documents/Audacity and now it’s completly empty… :cry:
I tried restoring with ShadowExplorer and I can restore the files, but Audacity still can’t open them properly. I guess theyre corrupted.
Did it happen to anyone before?
I would appreciate any help.

I’m actually using Windows 10. I’m not so sure how to change it in the profile/edit.

Perhaps worth testing the health of your hard drive. Files should not just disappear, and installing Audacity 3.0.2 would not have touched that directory.

Just a thought - how do you know that “…/user/Documents/Audacity” is empty? How are you looking at it?

Typically on Windows, this would be C:\Users<your name>\Documents.…