Update process should be simplified for both platforms.

Hi, I use Audacity for both Windows and Mac. One thing I could never understand was why it’s not possible to update Audacity within the client itself. I was always annoyed whenever a software update request was facilitated through the website instead of through the client. And why do I have to download a brand new executable file every time there is a new update? The vast majority of other software have a much more simplified process, where the software updates within the client itself, requiring no external web browser visit and no additional executable file download. I think it’s time for Audacity to get with the times and change their software update process.

Because somebody has to manage that, and Audacity doesn’t have a lot of somebodies.

This is the Audacity corporate headquarters in Land’s End, in Britain’s lower left-hand corner.

If you wanted to help us “get with the times” on all three computer platforms, not just two, I’m sure the program manderins would be happy to have the help. How many days a week can you contribute?


Or perhaps it’s time for Windows and macOS to get with the times and implement an integrated update solution like Linux. To do that securely requires that operating system knows the digital signatures of all software on the system - something they are moving towards with their “App Stores”. The major down side of moving everything to the App Stores is that it enables Microsoft and Apple to dictate what software you are allowed to use on your computer. Apple are further down this road in that all applications for macOS must be approved (“notarized”) by Apple. I think it’s quite possible that when Microsoft and Apple eventually implement an integrated update solution, free open source software my cease being possible on Windows and macOS.

Logging in after almost a whole year to find this answer. Still find it mildly annoying that I have to facilitate updates through an external webpage, but I see justifiable reasoning why that’s on the backburner right now.

I heard Audacity is expanding. I’m no programming expert, but with the new staff onboard, would it be possible to implement something like this in the future?

Be careful what you wish for. Personally I have always valued the fact that Audacity is one app that doesn’t “phone home”. Auto-update would require that Audacity has the ability to instigate transfer of data across the Internet. I expect that will come eventually, but personally I’m in no rush for that to happen.
(This is my personal opinion and may not reflect the views of the Audacity team).

Every time I open Audacity now, I think of this response lol. Out of curiosity, what reservations do you have about that function? It would just allow for the program to download the update from an official source, right? The same thing we’re doing now by visiting the website (only this method does require extra clicks)