Update 3.4 not friendly for converting analog to digital

For 18 years, I have been using Audacity to digitize my records and cassettes. When I updated to 3.4, it recorded fine (as usual). However, when I tried to make changes in spacing between tracks, clicking on the channel would bring a heavy line where I clicked that wouldn’t go away. Plus, after making a change in spacing, I would get a message about “not enough room . . .”. I finally figured that out by going to “tracks behaviors,” and struggled through the other changes. But when I went to “export multiple”–it was gone! I finally gave up, uninstalled 3.4, and reinstalled 3.2.4–which works very well for my purposes.

Yes, there have been some adjustments in 3.4.0 and 3.4.1. Hopefully things will run just a wee bit smoother in 3.4.2.

Export Multiple has been moved to Export Audio > Export Range > Multiple Files

Note that you shouldn’t have any of these issues in 3.3.3.

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