Up-loading to facebook

I have down loaded a narrative cassette tape to my laptop and want to up load it to facebook. what format should I use? And how long will it take? Tape lasts 43 minutes.

That’s up to Facebook. What do their instructions say? Do they even let you upload long-form recordings like that?


That’s scary. This Google search term doesn’t return any valuable hits.

facebook audio uploads -video

So maybe you don’t. Or not without converting it to a movie. Lots of video upload instructions.


I have no idea, but you might need to upload to SoundCloud or some other file sharing site and put a link to it in Facebook.

Or, you can make a video with a still image (it could be a “picure” of text, such as the title of your narration, etc.). Windows Movie Maker can probably do that if you don’t have a video editor that you normally use.

what format should I use?

MP3 or AAC (MP4) are the most popular compressed formats.

And how long will it take? Tape lasts 43 minutes.

That depends on your connection speed. (Usually, uploading is slower than downloading.)

A high-quality music MP3 (~256kbps) is about 1/5th the size of uncompressed WAV from a CD… About 2MB per minute. With spoken voice, you should be able to get down to less than 1MB per minute. But, 20-40MB is still a rather large file and it’s going to take some time.

The bitrate (kbps) is kilo_bits_-per-second, and it’s directly related to file size (there are 8 bits in a byte). Higher quality settings will create bigger (higher bitrate) files.

There is a video here that describes “sharing” the audio from SoundCloud:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJupvsisOUM .


That’s what I ran into. You can post the sound Somewhere Else and point to it.

You can upload videos to Facebook , (rather than use an embedded YouTube player), but not audio …