Up/down keypad arrows to switch tracks

Liking 3.1: all the new features are excellent.

However, I used to use up and down arrows on the keypad to move the cursor from one track to the next without shifting the cursor position, which was very useful for lining up eg a click track with a recording. The up and down arrows no longer seem to do that: the new track is highlighted but the cursor doesn’t move to it. (AFAICS - there may be a wrinkle I haven’t found.)

I find [SHIFT + up/down arrow] does move the cursor - but it also selects both tracks.

Are the up/down arrows being used for something else, or could that functionality easily be restored?

Or is there another way to move the cursor from one track to another in exactly the same position?


Windows 11.
Audacity 3.1.2.

I think that’s a bug, but here’s a workaround (tested on Linux, but hopefully the same on Windows):

Rather than just pressing the up/down cursor key:

  1. Press “Enter” to deselect the current track
  2. Press Up/Down keys to the appropriate track
  3. Press “Enter”.

My workaround would be to drop a temporary point label at the line-up point.

Then the yellow snap guide should appear as you approach it/near it on a track.


Yay! This works! Thank you!