unwanted phaser effect

I’ve been getting a strange effect recording lately that sounds like a phase shifter. It is definitely making the volume go up and down as well, as I can see from the sine wave. I’ve got a shure SM 58 going to a TOA powered 4 track to a presario 1500 laptop with no added sound card. Any ideas? This suddenly started abt a week ago, was not previously a problem with this same setup.

Did you suddenly get Skype? Sound levels that start adjusting themselves can be caused by a sound card that was designed to auto level set while making internet phone calls. Use Skype once and the setting stays clicked by accident.

Since you also have a significant quality distortion, I’d guess you started to record internet audio and forgot to turn Mix-Out off. Mix-Out is pretty benign while you’re recording YouTube, but if you start recording live performances, it can cause all sorts of problems such as volume changes and wah-wah effects.

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Hey there,

I’m having the same issue. In my case I can see how a soundcard that’s made for Skype can be the cause of it. That’s because since I bought my eeePc it has been whining that I should Skype with all my friends, but I never actually used it. :wink:

So, what I’m wondering: how do I change that setting on my soundcard? I’ve been clicking around a bit in the ‘Adjust Audio Properties’-folder, but I can’t seem to find it.

Thanks a lot in advance!

<<<I can see how a soundcard that’s made for Skype can be the cause of it. >>>

Soundcards are not made for Skype. Skype’s claim to fame is it takes over the sound services of the computer that it’s on, no matter what else is happening. It does not Play Well With Others.

Doesn’t the eeepc run linux? This is the problem with posting in a generic forum.


Thanks for the reply , Kozykowski.

My eeePc runs on XP, I think it’s SP2. I never had any problems with it so far (I’ve had it since early January this year), so this left me a bit puzzled, especially since I record ideas for songs pretty often. I used to do that on another computer, but since I moved to a student dorm I only have this computer during the week.

Anyhow, since I never use anyway it I decided to just deinstall Skype. Problem gone! And I also noticed there’s waaaay less hiss too, either when using my cheap-o €15 USB mic and the T-Bone SC440 I just got. The T-Bone’s sound quality is way better though, and it copes waaaaaay better with distorted and fuzzed out guitars. But that’s probably not a surprise.

Thanks again, for showing me the right direction, Koz, you’re the best!