unwanted low volume clipping

i want to export few tone waves on different tracks playing simultaneous.
when i try to increase volume i get clipping effect and unwanted overtones.
what is the reason behind that?

What makes you think that audio is clipped?
It doesn’t look clipped to me:
First Track002.png

“unwanted tones” possibly … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intermodulation

different tracks playing simultaneous.

Mixing is done by summation so it can push your levels into clipping.

delete my second comment because i wrote something stupid and dont know how to edit it.
i want to generate major chord from sine waves. what i need to do?

You can lower the levels before mixing. (Analog mixers have a volume control for each input plus a master control. Audacity doesn’t have a master control.)

Or, Audacity itself won’t clip internally so you can export as WAV 32-bit float (which also effectively has no upper or lower limit). Then re-open the mixed file and run the Amplify or Normalize effect to bring-down the volume before exporting to your desired final-format. (Audacity has already pre-scanned your file so just accept the default for either effect.)

…Even though the file/data isn’t clipped, your DAC is limited to 0dB (1.0 or 100%) and you can clip your DAC when you play it.

i want to generate major chord from sine waves. what i need to do?

I assume this is NOT for “real music”, because “pure waves” are boring and not very “musical”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Using the Nyquist Prompt (https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/nyquist_prompt.html), apply this code to a track selection:

(setf notes (list C4 E4 G4))        ;notes to play
(setf gain (/ 1.0 (length notes)))  ;avoid clipping

(mult gain
  (simrep (i (length notes))
      (osc (nth i notes))))

THANK YOU it seems to work better than seperate tones. but still i dont know how to write in that “nyquist” for example a custom Hz value?

To use Hz rather than note names, you can use HZOSC in place of OSC.

(setf notes (list 261.63 329.63 392.00)) ;notes C4, E4 and G4 as frequencies in Hz
(setf gain (/ 1.0 (length notes)))

(mult gain
  (simrep (i (length notes))
      (hzosc (nth i notes))))

I wanted the sound to be loud but smooth. now i dont know wheter it is the clipping or someone here commented other… you can download it and hear.
As for “real music”, this is by no mean intended to be good music, but i would rather listed to sine waves than bad music :smiley: