unwanted Flange or echo

Good afternoon. I have Audacity 2.1.2 on Win7 from exe. I an having trouble with an unwanted flange type sound when recording from cassette or otherwise through the line in jack. I was able to fix this once before on a previous computer but cannot remember how. I think it may have had to do with a Windows setting and was very simple to fix. I am also having problems with latency when recording guitar and have not been able to correct that either. Someone suggested using a mixer which I do not own.I don’t know if these 2 issues are linked or not. Any help would be most appreciated.
Thank you very much.


Anything in here?



I am also having problems with latency when recording guitar

They’re not linked.

As a fuzzy rule you can’t listen to yourself at the computer headphones while you’re making a live performance. The headphones sound is “one computer late” because the sound had to go into the computer, turn around and then come back out delaying a little at each step.

The mixer solution is one way, but the real solution is to get monitoring from an outside hardware device, not the computer. This is one microphone which will do that. That’s a Samson G-Track and it will play you live to your headphones while you’re playing. It will also play the backing or rhythm track to you headphones at the same time if you’re trying to overdub.

That’s the latency most people complain about. There’s also a recording latency where overdub tracks don’t match the rhythm track. That’s the one that may be adjusted out with the overdubbing adjustments.