unwanted chorus effect

Hello all. New to Audacity and I recorded a 3 track demo. The first track being off a looper pedal. Boss RC30 (rhythm chords). The second is some lead solo guitar and the 3rd is a harmonica (harp). On the first track (rhythm chords), i get a chorus effect. The sound doesn’t seem natural but seems to have a strange chorus effect. I have not added any effects to it. Any help would be appreciated.

Check that the Windows Sounds “enhancements” are disabled: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/FAQ:Recording_-_Troubleshooting#enhancements
If that is not the problem, please give a detailed description of how you are recording and what equipment you are using.

Thank you. I will try and see if that works. I’m running a Boss RC-30 looper into a mixer which has my guitar and 3 mics also inputed. From the mixer I’m using a Fender passport 150 with stereo line out (3.5mm) into the mic jack on my pc. Hope that helps. It only sounds that way on playback for that specific track I believe.