Unwanted audio on home video

Hi folks. Audacity 2.0.2 O/S Windows 7. I recorded my wife’s first horse riding lesson on my digital recorder (Quicktime MOV file) and stupidly added silly comments a few times. Is there any way I can edit out the comments or reduce the audio level to very low to stop her punching me every time we look at the video and they come up? I’ve tried a number of free audio editing softwear packages and none work or if they do they play adverts every few seconds. Hope Audacity can come up with the goods.

If you install the FFMpeg software package, Audacity will open up the sound part of many video file formats. After that, you can find each of the comments and “do something.” There is no “I screwed up” filter, so you’ll need to select each word or sentence and either reduce them to zero with the Edit > Remove Audio > Silence, or find a portion of the show with similar audio and copy that into the show in place of your words.

There is a Photoshop tool that illustrates this. If you have a bird in a tree that you want to cover up, select a random branch from somewhere else on the tree and paste it in over the bird. Most times nobody can tell what you did. Find a portion of the show with generic noises and use a slug of that to cover you up.

But that’s the easy part. Then you get to export the new, corrected sound track and edit it into the video show. You do have a good video editor, right?


But that’s the easy part. Then you get to export the new, corrected sound track and edit it into the video show. You do have a good video editor, right?

Right… Audacity can edit the audio and create a new audio file, but you’ll need video editor to combine the new audio with the video and create a new audio/video file…

Thanks for the info. I sort of thought that would be the way to go but didn’t have a lot of luck when I tried it. I think I need to practice a bit . Didn’t think about cut and pasting a bit of audio, much better than complete silence. Have Movie Maker but haven’t got as far as using it yet. Is that good enough for what I want to do?

I have same question. Using windows 7 with audacity 2.0- I use Movie Studio 11 video editor to convert audio to wav file. I can cut out bad audio but how do I paste in generic audio without moving other portions of sound track? Need to be able to add it back to video and keep video/audio sync. Getting perfect cut for generic audio portion has not worked. Thanks much

Create a new audio track (either mono or stereo depending on the audio that you want to paste). You can do this from "Tracks menu > Add New > "
If you import an audio file, either by dragging and dropping into Audacity or from “File > Import > Audio”, it will automatically create its own new track.

When you Export the finished Audacity project, the tracks will be mixed together into a single audio track.

It’s the Photoshop Clone Stamp tool. Borrow a bough of leaves from somewhere close (to keep the lighting right) and stamp it over the bird. If you only do it once, few people can tell without another Photoshop to rip the picture apart. If you go nuts with the tool, you get the stupid pictures where somebody tries to hide something really large by duplicating the sky – with clouds – fifteen times. My mom could spot that.

It works really well if you duplicate close-in-time sounds and then fade in and out rather than trying to cut. This isn’t going to be fast. This is half of what you need:


When you fade back to the top track. That’s the envelope tool – white arrows and bent blue line.

“Never say anything off-the-cuff in front of an open microphone.” Any politician.

Same with a segment. Pull the whole segment out, correct it and put the whole thing back in. Don’t try to nickle and dime it. You’ll be there until Christmas.