Unusual appearance


Somehow I have changed the appearance of my working space.

On the attached screen shot, the there is a lighter grey back ground behind the wave forms, at each end of them, there are sets of incremental lines I havent seen before, and there are blue lines of varing thickness between the stereo images.

Furthermore, when I select a section, instead of the whole section turning white, the grey sections remain, as if sandiched in the white.

Can you please advise how to get things back to normal for me!

Many thanks!
Audacity Screenshot.jpg

You have clicked on the Multi-tool in the Tools toolbar, the star. Click in the I-beam, the selection tool.
selection tool.png
See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tools_toolbar.html
In the fullness of Time Muse plan to remove the Tools toolbar, selection will always be “on” and available, the Draw and Envelope will have different access/usage methods and multi-tool will disappear.

This will eventually remove this annoying bear-trap that you (and many others before you) fell into.


Thank you so much!

I do like honey, so, as you say, it wasn’t surprising that I eventually would fall into the aforementioned ‘bear-trap’!

It’s so easy to put right - when you know how!