Until now fine, now Audacity 2.4.2 won't record

For several months, I’ve been using Audacity 2.4.2 to record directly from a USB mic plugged into my windows 10 computer, have had no problems. Tonight I am unable to record. When I press the record button, nothing happens. Nothing appears on the track, the cursor does not move.
I checked my mic and troubleshooted it in the sound settings on my computer and it’s working fine.

(FYI A couple of months ago I tried Audacity 2.2 or 2.3 and didn’t like the interface, so I went back to version 2.4.2, which as I said has been working fine.)

The only thing that I see in the Audacity interface that I have not noticed before, are two red downward facing triangles in the timeline. I tried to figure out what they are, and get rid of them, but have not been able to. I’m not sure they haven’t been there in the past, but I haven’t noticed them before.

The other thing, which I doubt is the cause of my inability to record, is I noticed tonight that my recording volume and playback volume are moving in tandem, which I don’t want. When I raise or lower the volume on one, the other moves to conform to it.

I tried closing and reopening Audacity several times, and also tried restarting my computer.
These did not fix the problems, nor change anything.

Any suggestions for how to fix my problems ? Thanks

7-25 just want to clarify, this problem has not been solved and I’ve gotten no responses so far. I mistakenly checked a “solved” option appearing at the top of my message (at least it appears to me), and there was no way to uncheck it.

That can happen when you have “magic” symptoms, such as your volume controls connected to each other.

Did you get a Windows Update between the time it was working and the time it wasn’t?

Dig into Edit > Preferences > Recording and report what your top four setting are.

I have no idea what the red triangles are, either.

Can you post a picture? I forget what screen grab is on Windows. There used to be two, one for full frame and one where you draw a box around the desired object. Draw the box.


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