Unsuccessful clicky sound removal

Hi! I am having a hard time removing a click sound in my podcast recording, which appears to be a buffer problem without a silence gap.
What I have tried included:
1)To view the problematic section with both spectrogram view & waveform view,
2)then remove the outstanding vertical “pink line”.
However the clicky tiny sound still exists.
Any suggestion how can I resolve this problem? (attached please find the problematic area.)

Also, it was not the first time I found it in my recording; I am wondering why would there be a silence gap missing when I recorded my voice smoothly and quietly in the first place? Is there any advice to avoid this problem?

Big thanks!

repair does the job on this occasion …
repair demo.gif

Other software running on the computer can interrupt Audacity.
Try giving Audacity higher CPU-priority and/or these other strategies.

Thanks(again) Trebor, got that!!:slight_smile: