For some reason and for the first time ever, Audacity started changing the values of the Project Rate and Mic Input - quietly and at random.

I always record in 44100 rate, that’s my set value so normally I don’t bother checking it. But recently several times I noticed a strange quality of my voice recording in playback - and incidentally my eye caught the Project Rate changed to 3200 or even to 8000 without my input.

A change of the mic input is short lived as I can’t record anything on the wrong input, but the wrong Project Rate requires re-recording.

Is this is a known issue? or is this yet another evidence that I’ve got a gremlin in my computer messing with my Audacity? :mrgreen: :astonished:

I have the current version of Audacity.

Are you importing any files?
When a file is imported into an empty project, the project rate is automatically changed to match the imported file.

yes, but I now check the project rate once all files are imported, and it is 44100.

Then at some point during the workflow, long after all files have been imported and I’m working with them, it changes itself for no reason.

I’ve never seen that, or heard of anyone else with that problem. Sorry but I’ve no other ideas of what could be causing it.
If you find a repeatable way to make it happen, please let us know.

ok, no worries. thanks.