unstable record

Audacity version 2.4.2 Windows 10 64-bit

Hello…Ive recorded with Audacity extensively in the past..recently whenever I hit the record button the track opens up but the curser stays at 0 except to vibrate..Ive reinstalled several times and it keep doing it…this is a custom built high end machine with plenty of memory etc…what should I do ?

What are you trying to record?

I am trying to record music…I have a microphone plugged into a Zedi 4 channel mixer…I just noticed If I dont check record on a new track it behaves normally as in I can continue my recording on the same track..when I check the box a new track appears but the curser stays on zero and vibrates. Also I just noticed if I uncheck overdub ( play other tracks while recording ) it behaves normally except I cant hear the previous track

A USB mixer?

What is your playback device?

Ensure that “Software Playthrough” is NOT enabled (in “Transport menu > Transport Options”).

Yes it is a USB mixer…I record and playback through it

Check in the Windows Sound control panel and ensure that the mixer is set to the same sample rate in both the Recording and Playback tabs.

Thanks…you fixed it