unsaved project temporary files

Okay so I had a project I was working on, the system crashed and when i reopened it was as if all the sound had been silenced, but I went through the directory and found the temporary files and all of the previous sound is still there but they are separated into 6 second clips and confuse the hell out of me out of order etc, so how can i overcome this and put em all together there is about 400mb worth of sound to sort from this project, its an error i run into every now and then when I don’t save things, but i never knew there was a solution till I found the temp file, I have audacity 2.1.1. and windows 10.

you need the .aup file for the project as well as the project folder with all the little soind clips. It’s the .aup file that tells Audacity how to put it all together.

Have a read of this page in the Manual: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audacity_projects.html